Most diverse Bag & Pouch Machine Offering in the World

Pouches, Spouted Pouches, Loose Bags, Bags-on-Roll, Side Seals, and Wickets, our factories produce a wide range of machines for premade flexible packaging.

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State-of-the-art Equipment, Seasoned Industrial Team, Local Service Network, and Innovative Approach make In.Pack your best choice for your next flexible packaging project

With a Passion for Sustainability and day to day firsthand experience in European market, our machines run Recycle Ready, Post Consumer & Industrial, Bio-degradable, Compostable, Bio-Assimilated and Paper products.

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Come Visit In-Person or Virtually Tour our facilities, engage to understand why our group leads the world with most installations and bag & pouch product diversity

With Factories is Balerna, Switzerland as well as Milan & Florence, Italy, the North American Market is serviced out of Miami, Florida.

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Machines for Pouches

Pouch Categories

  • Stand-Up (with or without zipper)
  • Flat Bottom
  • Side Gusset
  • Quad Seal
  • Two & Three Side Seal
  • Vacuum Bags
  • Coffee Bags
  • Spouted Pouches

In.Pack Machines for Pouches

Machines Wicket, Loose & Side Seal Bags

Bag Categories

  • Flat & Gusseted Open-Mouth
  • Tear-Off
  • Slide Closure
  • Strap handle
  • Block-Notes
  • Zipper, Tape & Adhesive Closures

In.Pack Machines - Lose Bags
In.Pack Machines - Wicket
In.Pack Machines - Side Seals

Machines for Bags on Roll

Bag Categories

  • Bottom Seal and Pre-Cut
  • Star Seal Bottom
  • Interleave
  • Open-Mouth with Drawstring Closure
  • Die Cut & Shapes
  • Core & Coreless
  • In-Line with Extruder
  • Off-Line for High Speed

In.Pack Machines for Bags on Roll

Wicket Dimatic ETH 471

Side seal bag machine for Wicket, Mailers, Food, Fulfilment, Medical, Hygienic, among others. The Dimatic ETH 471 is a work horse with integrated high technology for high efficiency manufacturing. Self-monitoring solutions for film skew and print pitch variation have been adopted to Automatically adjust the position of the accessories based on the machine’s feedback to guarantee the extremely tight tolerances required for this type of packaging. This maximizes the productivity of the machine and gives the operator more time to carry out constant checks on product and packaging quality. See Live in Miami or Italy.


Bag-On-Roll TSA-SHO 840/1040/1240

High-performance machine model to produce two, three lane & trash bags starting from a single reel divided into the various lanes by means of sealing units with Nickel Chromium blades whose temperature, individually controlled by electronic temperature controllers, allows them to reach a high speed while maintaining a perfect sealing quality. Air balloon filler with automatic material tension control system to facilitate the adjustment and maintenance of correctly aligned bellows.Folding triangles and reversing bars to produce star seal bags, two or three lane die-cutting system with removal of die-cutting waste in case of production of bags with handles. Automatic coreless winder with automatic labelling and collection of finished rolls by conveyor belt. See Live in Miami or Italy.

TSA-SHO-1040 on Vimeo

Compact Stand-Up Pouch KS-SUP-600

A beast and robustly built machine, the KS-SUP-600 is designed for conventional print. This is a compact, quick changeover pouch machine ideal for short, medium & long run high-performance production for standard laminations, mono materials, and papers. Innovative compact design, independent servo driven machine for maximum flexibility, performance, ability to convert recyclable materials with quick set-up and changeover and very low material waste. Modular machine that allows for easy upgrades. Designed for Industry 4.0. Digital printing ready. Intuitive windows-based software, the machine breaks paradigms for set up, operational efficiency, maintenance, and diagnostics. Machines have embedded dynamic braking energy storage device and static energy storage device to create more sustainability, lowering operation costs and protecting against power failures. Reduced footprint to allow easy material tension control, less operators, improved efficiency. Special design for quick changeover and set-up combined to high-speed capability. Decreased heat irradiation for high performance production on sustainable materials. See live in Miami or Swiss.

Karlville - KS-SUP-600 on Vimeo

The Sustainable Polymer Group

In.Pack USA, LLC is the distributor in North America for In.Pack Machinery, an Italian-based machinery group with a 150-million-euro annual turnover and more than 600 employees. In.Pack is the new owner of Karlville Swiss among other bag machine fabricators such as Amutec, Mobert & SCAE. Offering the world's most diverse pouch & bag portfolio; in specific the sustainable polymer division provides machines for converting pouches, spouted pouches, loose bags, bag-on-roll, side seal, and wicket.

Our value proposition is to offer state-of-the-art technology, a seasoned industrial team, a strong local service support network, and an innovative approach. In.Pack aims to combine continuous technological development with the use of the latest recyclable, biodegradable, post-consumer, and compostable materials. With factories in Balerna, Switzerland, Milan and Florence, Italy, the Group covers the widest range of machines for flexible packaging applications.

In.Pack North America is based in Miami, Florida collocated with Karlville Converting and Packaging. Technology Center, service team, and back office shared; we will jointly host multiple open houses to showcase the latest pouch, wicket, and bag-on-roll machines and Karlville equipment in Miami. A major investment in our business, our customers, and the industry, we welcome you to learn more about In.Pack. Please follow us and contact us to be invited to multiple events.

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